The Favorite Foods of Clifford Neuman

This site provides information about food, including some of my favoirte recipies, information about my favorite ingredients such as cheeses and chile peppers, technology for cooking, and even information about some of my favorite meals from restaurants. I provide an index to the recipes, sorted by ingredients and keywords.

The Favorite Recipes of Clifford Neuman

My favorite recipes are listed across four parts of this site: A recipe index provides links to recipes in both groups sorted by name and ingredient.

How and what to cook

This section describes some of the ingredients that I use in cooking, and some of the different ways to cook things.

My Favorite Meals

These pages list some of the best meals I have had a restaurants, or that I have purchased mostly prepared. I include here also descriptions of some of the meals that I prepare with such little effort that I hardly consider the directions a recipe. For such meals, the quality usually dpends very much on the choice brands of the basic item, so in this section, I name names.
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