Best Snacks

Here I describe some of my favorite snacks.
  • Parmesan and Garlic Cheese Its - While Kellog's Sunshine Cheese-It crackers are a common snack, probably not worthy of special mention, they are available in many varieties, and the flavor of one of these varieties is wonderful. My favorite is the Parmesan and Garlic variety of cheese-its. The flavor is more delicate than the traditional cheese-its, and a little bit more salty. Unfortunatley, I don't find these carries at all stores, and the availability also varies from time to time. When I do find them I usually stock up.
  • Archer Farms Parmesan and Garlic Potato Chips - I was able to find these chips at Target. They are very good and have real flavor to them. They have a slightly hard, crunchy texture similar to the "Kettle Cooked" chips that one finds.
  • Tim's Maui Onion Potato Chips - These chips have such an intense onion flavor to them, that when I first tried a sample at Costco, I thought that they were onion chips, rather than potatoe chips. The chips are crispy and done just right, with a wonderful onion flavor infused.

Dissapointing Snacks

There are some snacks I have purchased, but found that they did not meet my expectations. See the dissapointing snacks page for information on some of these items.

Copyright 2005 Clifford Neuman