Best Snacks

Here I describe some of the snacks that I purchased which sounded really good, but did not live up to my expectations.
  • Solea Olive Oil Potato Chips - Parmesan - When I saw the Solea Olive Oil Potato Chips - Parmesan flavor at Costco, they sounded really good. There were other parmesan flavor chips from other manfactueres that I had liked in the past, and these seemed to be thick, and crispy, and that they should be good. I do not know if I just got a bad batch, or if the chips in general were not that good, but the parmesan flavor was overpowering, and tasted pretty stale too. I was not happy with this product.
  • Kettle Brand Buffalo Blue Potato Chips - These chips have a very intense buffalo wings flavor, complete with a the flavor of blue cheese that kicks in slight after your first taste the fire. These chips are tasty and I like things spicy, but I found the flavor to be a little bit too intense for me. I found these chips at Costco.

Copyright 2005 Clifford Neuman