Quick Eating

This page provides information, reviews, and suggestions for quick snacks, or good meals that are easily prepared. These descriptions are really so simple, and start from mostly prepared foods, so I wouldn't actually call these recipes.
  • Best Hot Dogs - Be sure to get all beef hot dogs. I find the Hebrew National all Beef Hot Dogs to be very flavorful. Get high wality hot dog rolls and prepare the hot dogs as follows. Cook the hot-dog in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes depending on its size. Simultaneously toast the roll until it is the desired color. Place the hot dog on the roll, spread some hot sauce of your choosing on the hot dog, add a slice of swiss cheese on top (I usually break the cheese down the middle so that the two pieces completely cover the hot dog). Microwave again for 30 seconds longer. Add a small amount of mustard, pour on a generous amount of dehydrated minced onion, sprinkle with Chili powder, and eat.

Copyright 2005 Clifford Neuman