Aunt Hannah's Clam Chowder

This recipe for Clam Chowder is from my Aunt Hannah
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1 lb. Salt pork, diced.

Saute until fat is clear and pork is crisp

Dice 4 large onions and sauté in the above until onions are translucent

Add large can of tomatoes and 5 lbs of potatoes, cut small so they will cook quickly. Cover with sufficient hot water to cook potatoes quickly and mash them in the water. Add 2 large boffles of clam broth and 1 can of tomato soup. Rinse out can with a little hot water.

Add pinch of curry powder and whole thyme to taste. Do the same for salt and pepper.

Cook slowly on low heat and keep stirring so it won't burn. Add oni enough hot water at a time to keep from getting too thick and sticking.

After long cooking, add 5 lbs cubed potatoes. Cook until tender. Add 2 more bottles clam broth.

Keep stirring.

After potatoes are cooked, add 2 large cans of diced clams (or 4 small ones). Don’t cook too long after clams are added because they will get tough. Just a few minutes will do the job.

Let cool and fill containers for freezing.

Compilation and revisions Copyright © 2007 Clifford Neuman